Hotel Byron opens on 28th April 2023

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Byron Bellavista

Via Padova 83 - 30016 Jesolo


Tel +39 0421.371023

Fax +39 0421 371073


Island Lagoon of Venice (20 Km)

Murano, Burano and Torcello

Only a few minutes by vaporetto separates the city of Venice from the nearly islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello. Each island preserves the characteristics that distinguish it from the other islands.

The island of Murano and the objects made with the use of blown glass aren’t only pretty furnishings or souvenirs but also history, art and tradition handed by father to son. The method of production is like a show that shouldn’t be missed, anyone would be amazed at the skill of the most experienced glass workers in the world.

The cheerfulness transmitted by the bright colors that paint the houses built on the island of Burano is only a small part of the local customs because, exactly in the shops located among its street called “calli”, are made the very elegant lace and laces, unique handmade objects, thanks to which the island and the people who dedicate themselves to their realization, are known all over the world.

Get ready to listen to the legends of the Devil's Bridge, see the Throne of the dreaded Attila and eat excellent food in the inns and bacari typical of the island of Torcello. The smallest of the three main islands has nothing to envy to its neighbors Murano and Burano and its ten inhabitants make it even more incomparable.