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Byron Bellavista

Via Padova 83 - 30016 Jesolo


Tel +39 0421.371023

Fax +39 0421 371073


Asolo (75 km)

Nestling in an enchanting hilly landscape, Asolo is one of the nest-known and loveliest villages in Italy.

The magical city of Asolo, one of the most beautiful town in Italy, also called the "city of a hundred horizons", offers breathtaking views from every perspective.

The Rocca, an irregular polygon built in a very high point of the city, is the symbol of this town. Thanks to hundreds of years, the work of nature and the genius of man, have merged to give life to this beautiful place.

The small town of Asolo can be visited on foot, walking under the arcades you can easily reach all the most beautiful places of the city such as the Castle, which today is the "Eleonora Duse" theatre and the cathedral.